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What is an MX Record?

Mail Exchanger Record or more commonly known as MX record is an entry in the DNS server of your domain that tells other mail servers where your mail server is located. When someone sends an e-mail to a user that exists on your mail server from the internet, MX provides the location or IP address where to send that e-mail. MX record is the location of your mail server that you have provided to the outside world via the DNS.

Most mail servers generally have more than one MX record, meaning you could have more than one mail server setup to receive e-mails. Each MX record has a priority number assigned to it in the DNS. The MX record with lowest number has the highest priority and that is considered your primary MX record or your main mail server. The next lowest mx number has the next highest primary and so on. You generally have more than one mail server, one being the primary and the others as backups.

How to setup the MX record

If your ISP or domain name registrar is providing the DNS service, you can request them to set one up for you. If you manage your own DNS servers then you need to create the MX records in your DNS zone yourself.

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